Hermes Pathos Graphics Composition Case Plagiarized — The Essay Example That Can Destroy Your Passion For Writing

The essay example included in a search of “Hermes Pathos Logos Essay” is actually not really an example at all, but rather a plagiarized, copied work

The author of the essay has used the work of another writer to create a very different essay, using a template to “enhance” it.

The author of the “Hermes Pathos Logos Essay” used the template by Mike Olson and built his own essay out admission essay writing service of it. He has basically taken the idea and turned it into a completely different project.

Irene Bleiginger, in particular, is used in this article as an example for her work. The person copying all of her ideas is apparently trying to capitalize on her successes.

The plagiarized material appeared in an article entitled “The Truth About An Unbroken Property, ” by Torontonian Leah Taylor. The “Hermes Pathos Logos Essay” is shown to be based on Taylor’s work, even though she is not the original author.

The “Hermes Pathos Logos Essay” plagiarized itself through the use of the template that so many writers seem to rely on for writing their essays. Many authors think that it is an automatic process to use a template to enhance an essay, but that is wrong.

It is not always possible to simply turn an article that already works into a good essay. But when a student is given a template to use for an essay assignment, that is even more reason to read that template closely.

Tone is important. One may assume that using a template is the same as not having to read the paper and adjust it, but the truth is that there are elements that must be included if you want your essay to be great.

For example, the writer who wrote the “Hermes Pathos Logos Essay” did not pay attention to tone

He used the template that looked like it was from an essay author with a tone that was nice and even, but he did not look to see if the author had carefully researched his subject or not.

When the template is copied, the tone of the piece can be changed, so the work does not always have to be changed. A student who has worked hard should expect to change something.

If the “Hermes Pathos Logos Essay” writer had actually done his homework, then he would have taken the time to check the tone of the author. Instead, he used an essay example that was written in a light, even tone, and never considered the quality of that tone for his own piece.

This is not to say that one is not important, just that certain aspects of the tone must be avoided, especially in this type of essay. The best way to avoid tone problems in a piece is to spend some time researching the topic or to hire someone who knows the topic well.

I myself have read hundreds of articles, essays, and books on topics like this. You can find all the help you need with a little bit of research.